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Meet our Brands

Welcome to AMAZONDUKE’s Brands~

Garage Carpenter

Garage Carpenter is common woodworker name in US who work as a carpenter in his garage.

Garage Carpenter help easy wood working by supplying easy wood working tools and furniture parts

IQUP toy

IQUP is one of the best educational toy and educational supply brands. 

It is not a just toy, it gives knowledge of science. So it is frequently used as essential teaching tools in educational field 


Best Korean Style Household Goods.

HANHOME’s convenient design and special functions to save time will satisfy all our customers 

EZHOTPOT is one of new product of HANHOME, you can obtain information about our new EZhotpot product


  • We started our business in South KOREA at 1999 as “” which is one of the pioneer internet flower auction company in South KOREA (*We sold out “” in early 2003)
  • We resold many household goodsand wood working parts on ‘NAVER StoreFarm’ (Currently, we sold out this reseller account) 
  • We moved our headquarter to near Seattle area in 2015 to enhance the AMAZON related business. (*Storage and sourcing office is still in South KOREA.)
  • We diversified our sourcing routes from South KOREA to China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan with AMAZON Prime business from 2017.
  • We established new US company “AMAZONDUKE LLC” in 2021, and moved all our brands rights to AMAZONDUKE.

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